Saturday, July 5, 2014

Pre-Production Begins

Pre-production has officially begun on "The Gospel According to Stephenson"!  At the first meeting - John Schuermann (writer and director), Jim Musante (producer and creative consultant), Margot Pollock (lead marketing copywriter), Ralph Giordano (production manager), and Rick Kartis (production assistant and diarist).  Discussed - script rewrites, marketing campaigns and materials, budgetary breakdown, and lead roles.  Also, producer Jim Musante will be heading to The Amazing Meeting to help "spread the gospel."  Since science vs. superstition is a major theme of our production, it only makes sense for us to reach out to the scientific and skeptical communities to enlist their involvement.  So far our efforts in that regard have been extremely well received, and The Amazing Meeting is one of the largest gatherings of skeptically minded individuals in the world!  Hopefully Jim will make some good contacts there.  Please follow us here or on our Facebook page.  And speaking of Facebook, please LIKE our page and SHARE our material to your own page.

A good time was had by all...