Thursday, October 9, 2014

"The Gospel According to Stephenson" Script Getting Great Reviews!

We are happy to report that the script for "The Gospel According to Stephenson" is finished and getting excellent reviews!  We asked Andrea Meyer of the Freethought Film Festival for brutally honest and critical feedback, and she responded with three words:


As much as we appreciated hearing that, we went back to Andrea and asked for further thoughts.  Here is what she had to say (edited slightly to avoid spoilers):
"...I'm struggling to find anything on which it needs improvement...I liked how the relationship between Sam and Jessica was defined...The gory bits were very well executed...I felt frantic as I read these scenes. Well done!"

But wait - there's more!  We also received professional reader feedback from the Blue Cat Screenplay Competition, a major script-writing contest run by Gordy Hoffman (an award-winning filmmaker and brother to Philip Seymour Hoffman).  Here is the feedback, again edited to avoid spoilers:

"This story was a very original, critical take on the vampire craze. It was entertaining and thrilling with a dash of comedy. It made fun of itself in all the right ways. You were able to laugh at it, and yet still be scared. It reminded me a bit of Wes Craven’s Scream; making fun of slasher films, yet still being a suspenseful slasher film...The dialogue was used in a strong way. Every conversation progressed the story and we were learning more and more information as it went on. I especially liked the scenes with Jessica. Every scene we got to know more and more about her; her alcoholism and her doubts and insecurities about Sam. Her character continues to satisfying and left me wanting more."

As a bonus, here is professional feedback from the Final Draft "Big Break" Screenwriting competition from several years ago.  This was based off the original version of the screenplay, then entitled "The Last Vampire."

"This is a very nice take on the vampire myth, the vampire coming back and having no idea what is waiting for him... Having him interact with modern medicine and all the myths we have about the supernatural mixed with a police story works well... The characters are well chosen and the variety is lovely... The dialogue is well done."

Thanks to all who provided valuable feedback during the script-writing process!

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